CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Personal Competence

Are you deluded?

homer simpsonThe word competence is littered throughout legislation and health and safety documentation as it is such an important component in terms of keeping everyone safe at work. However the word incompetent perhaps is more reflective of work society today. How many of us know of a character similar to our yellow friend Mr Simpson? Someone that perhaps overestimates their abilities? Are they a little deluded but somehow walk about under the illusion that they are more superior? Scientists have recognised this phenomenon and it is now labelled the Dunning-Kruger effect. This is not just someone’s ego blinding their weaknesses but in fact being stuck in pocket of incompetence without any skills to recognise their own faults. Without any training, these knowledge gaps will remain and the mistakes will continue to happen. Of course, we don’t want to be labelled as the resident ‘Homer’ in our place of work so what can we do to improve of personal competence? This week’s Toolbox Talk discusses what personal competence is and how we can improve ours.




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CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Acceptable language

 WTF: Watch The Foul-mouth

swearing 5Yes, I’m talking to you, Ramsay! The Great Gordon Ramsay is certainly an excellent example to highlight this week’s Toolbox Talk on acceptable language at work. He uses the ‘F-word’ like punctuation, peppering (if you pardon the cooking-related pun) every sentence with choice expletives. We only have to turn on the TV to notice how much of an everyday language swearing has become but we really need to be aware of the language we use and the effect that it can have on others. Now, by no means is this blog coming from a place of swearing 8preaching and that at CES we only utter ‘goodness gracious and gosh darn it’; believe me, if we had a swear jar, I’m sure it would fund me a nice little holiday! However, this Toolbox talk hopefully will get you to reflect on the language being used in your place of work. If your organisation is aiming to project a friendly and productive working environment in which no one feels threatened, then inappropriate language doesn’t have a place. Such language upsets many people and can call into question the ethics of the person using them. Consider the message behind your words; are they inspiring engagement, commitment and performance or in fact sucking the energy out of the people around you and creating a negative environment? 




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CES Hire Toolbox Talk: Counter Terrorism

Keep Calm and Carry On Navy BlueKeep calm and carry on

This may seem like a flippant comment, given that we see this this phrase littered over greetings cards, posters and fridge magnets. Ultimately this phrase encapsulates British spirit and the spirit that we must demonstrate in the face of terrorism. As terrorism seeks to interrupt the flow of everyday life and uproot our British values, it is so important that we remain unflinching in our principles, ultimately keeping calm and carrying on. This week’s Toolbox Talk came about after the updated FORS (Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme) accreditation stated that businesses must have a Counter-Terrorism policy, risk assessment and method statement. Given this subjects prevalence as a news topic, you would think it would be easy to find support or examples of other counter-terrorism policies to help small businesses. However other than crazily long government policies (I mean, I’m not sure I have time to read a wordy 100-page document!), there are no examples of policies or recommendations for businesses. So, here I am writing this week’s blog that I hope you’ll find useful, if you yourself are in that similar position grappling for the right information with a somewhat delicate subject though a delicate subject we should be talking about to openly to show that keep calm and carry on attitude.




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