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December is here...introducing our Christmas Penguin


Christmas Countdown: Waddle we do this year?

penguin 3We haven’t mentioned it much (lol!) but did you know CES Hire were finalists at the Buckinghamshire Business First Awards for Low Carbon Workspace of the Year?! So, with that in mind, let me introduce Sidney the CES penguin. We decided to use a penguin for our festive paraphernalia this year as it felt appropriate given our drive to be even greener at CES over the last year or two. Sadly, we are recognising that without our efforts to live more sustainably, penguins could be one of the species that are affected.



Why Sidney?

ocean rubbishMuch as the best dressed bird is incredibly cute as well as being our Finance Manager, Debbie’s favourite animal, the reason we’ve gone Penguin-tastic this Festive season has a serious note too. Half the worlds 18 species of penguin are threatened with extinction due to many factors including:

  • Plastic Pollution
  • Climate Change
  • Overfishing

melting ice capsWithout going full-on David Attenborough (I certainly do not profess to have the knowledge of the great man!), I’ll just expand on some of these threats a little more.
When it comes to Plastic Pollution, it is estimated that by 2050 every species of seabird will have eaten plastic; the dangers of that are probably clear (I’m sure I wouldn’t catch you eating it!) however I’ll explain in my best Sir-David-ness! When indigestible plastic scraps build up this can stop penguins digesting real food, it also means they are unknowingly starving themselves believing they are eating genuine food. Plastics also contain harmful industrial toxins which cause health problems such as cancer and other defects. Micro-plastics are a real problem too, at only 5mm in size it is very easy for a penguin to mistake it for food and these can quickly build up. Not forgetting those horrendous photos we come across showing penguins and other sea life becoming tangled in a web of plastic! As well as penguins unintentionally starving themselves through eating plastic there are also two other reasons for lack of food. The first being overfishing, much of the food penguins live off are being sought for humans, for example one of their staple foods, krill is in high demand for the oil in omega 3 pills. This is inevitably leaving the penguins with less and less food and competition for what is left is fierce in the oceanic world. Secondly (a biggie), global warming contributes to penguins being left hungry. This could be an entire blog on it’s own (probably an entire book) but it’s a fact no one can dispute, temperatures are rising (the 20 warmest years on record have been in the last 22 years) and this is having devastating effects on the polar ice caps. Global warming is means penguins habitats are under threat as well as jeopardising food supply since that favourite snack Krill depends on polar ice to reproduce.

Flying the Flag for the Penguin

Enough of the Attenborough babble (you’ll tune in the BBC for that!) and time to take action. So, what can you do to make a start at giving these little tuxedo-ed guys a helping hand (and the rest of the planet!)? At CES this year we’ve made a conscious effort to reduce single use plastics (no more plastic drinking cups, reusable bottles and cups for us), we’ve also installed the eco-friendly jet wash bay that recycles water as well as impressing the importance of little things like reducing our energy consumption by turning off those lights when they’re not needed and never leaving the vans running no matter how cold it is. Consider supporting a healthy ocean by:

  • Avoiding single-use plastic
  • If things can’t be reused, recycle properly
  • You can slash your carbon footprint by eating less meat and just buying less stuff
  • Be aware of the source of your fish-is it sustainably sourced?

Curb that Clutter this Christmas

CES logoChristmas is undoubtedly a time for excess but really give it some thought this year and make that footprint a little greener (next week’s blog will be looking at perhaps more frugal festivities without seeming like the Grinch!). So, Sidney the CES Penguin is launching us into the Christmas festivities and the delights of December (or not if you’ve got shopping centre chaos looming!). Please also be aware of CES’s Christmas Closure: We shall be closing on Friday 20th December at 4.30pm and will reopen at 8am on Thursday 2nd January 2020. Any online orders placed during our Christmas closure will be shipped upon CES’s reopening.

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