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26th March 2020




Weber accelerateur (accelerator) monocouche 20L CES-50920000

Weber accelerateur monocouche 20L
£39.75 (exc. VAT)
£32.75 each for 26 or more

Weber accelerateur (accelerator) monocouche 20L

Weber accelerateur (accelerator) monocouche 20L is a render accelerator solution for monocouche through coloured renders. It is mainly used for Monocouche work carried out in the winter, when the temperature is over 5°C. This handy product is used to speed up the time to scrape during colder application periods. 


0.1 litres of additive is enough to treat 1 x 25 kg bag of Monocouche render. For a 6 bag render pump mix this equates to 0.6 litres of additive. Do not add more than 1.25 litres per 6 bag mix.


Weber accelerateur (accelerator) monocouche 20L must be added to the gauging water for the Monocouche prior to adding the powder to ensure full dispersion. The correct dosage per 25 kg bag of Monocouche is 0.1 litres of weber accelerateur monocouche. Mix addition thoroughly into gauging water before adding powder. The total modified water mix must not exceed the allowable water content for the product used. When using a discontinuous mixer pump (such as a Putzmeister P11) the dosage per 6 bag mix is 0.6 litres of weber accelerateur monocouche replacing the same proportion of gauging water. When using a continuous mixer pump such as an M-tec Duomix every 10 litres of gauging water must include 0.2 litres of weber accelerateur monocouche.


Weber accelerateur (accelerator) monocouche 20L solution will accelerate the initial set time such that, at 5°C working temperature, the scrape time of a Monocouche product will be the same as that during the summer months (20°C). Please note that the temperature of the mix may be different than that of the ambient temperature due to the water supply/ powder temperature. Due to this fact the setting period is only an given as an indication.

Health and Safety

Contains calcium nitrate tetrahydrate (CAS No. 13477-34-4) and calcium chloride (CAS No. 10043-52-4) Irritating to eyes. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Wear suitable gloves and eye/ face protection. In case of ingestion, seek medical attention immediately and show label. Keep out of reach of children.

Weber accelerateur (accelerator) monocouche 20L is not an antifreeze.

Weber accelerateur (accelerator) monocouche 20L is not suitable for warm weather work other than sample areas.

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