CES Hire Toolbox Talk Tuesdays: Lock up Those Treasures Construction Site Security

CES Hire Toolbox Talk Tuesdays: Lock up Those Treasures Construction Site Security

Site SecurityConstruction sites, whether plant hire companies like CES or building sites have a certain attraction. I liken this allure to a childhood throwback that is Aladdin when he creeps into that cave of wonders and despite being told not to touch anything (apart from the somewhat famous Genie-bearing lamp) the attraction is too much, well for his monkey best mate anyway! The diamond in the rough catches his eye and seemingly everything is over for our Disney hero and furry friend! Sadly in construction the allure is not from innocent Aladdin-like characters but most worryingly thieves and even more worryingly, children!

Site Security1It is a legal requirement under CDM regulations that trespassers have a right not to be put at risk. You may scoff at that since what right do trespassers have to be on your premises! Sadly 2/3 children die per year having accessed a construction site without authorisation and countless more are injured. So what attracts these youngsters to our places of work? Often they seem exciting places, just like that Aladdin Cave of Wonders full of treasures that they have never come across before. These treasures are also often large pieces of equipment with an even larger price tag that are tempting to steal. The construction industry suffers losses of around £400million per year due to theft and vandalism. Of course we know these pieces of equipment need proper training to use and can cause injury to untrained users meaning not only are thieves breaking the law but also putting their lives at risk. Though our blood may be boiling at the thought of these light-fingered crooks damaging our businesses, it is our responsibility to ensure that unauthorised people do not gain access in the first place.


Site Security2So how can we keep out sites safe and secure without any help or wishes from that Genie in the lamp?!! It is incredibly important to make sure hazardous and high value items are removed from view and locked away or disabled in the case of certain equipment. Ensure that your site is secure in terms of regularly checking the perimeter fencing and that buildings are securely locked overnight.  If you notice someone you don't recognise approaching make sure you ask who they wish to see and escort them to relevant and safe part of the site. Many premises, including CES's own brand new site (pictured in this blog), have defined boundaries such as barriers, chains and floor painted access routes which ultimately help keep customers safe (and hopefully those potential thieves out!) As skilled practitioners within this industry you should feel empowered to question unfamiliar visitors, explain your own site rules and any induction and be able to accompany visitors to safe areas where you can help them.

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